How We Can Help

How We Can Help

For almost 20 years, Family Credit Management has helped countless Americans find their way out of debt. Our experienced, certified credit counselors listen to you, gather details about your situation, and then create a personalized financial action plan.

Our services include:

Credit Counseling

Begin with a phone call, online chat, or a simple application. Your credit counselor will first listen to your specific situation and then work with you to create your personal action plan, discussing all your options along the way. Frequently our Debt Management Program is the perfect solution. For some it may not be the best option, so we’ll give you specific steps to take next. However, if our program is a good fit for you, we will go into detail about our debt management plan.

Debt Management Program

Family Credit Management has developed a reliable, time-tested plan to manage debt. Our trusted credit counselors know how to cut years off your debt repayments and consolidate your bills into one manageable monthly payment. Benefits to you include:

  • Stop creditor calls
  • Reduce or eliminate finance charges
  • Calculate when you will be debt free
  • Provide detailed monthly statements
  • Set up automatic payments through your bank
  • Secure phone or web access to your account

How Serious is My Debt?

Not sure if Credit Counseling or Debt Management is right for you?  Take this quick quiz to determine if you're in the midst of a situation you can handle on your own or if having a certified credit counselor on your team would be the best bet.

Housing Counseling

No matter where you are in the buying cycle, we offer free classes and counseling for homeowners. Family Credit Management certified housing counselors are available to assist with homebuyer education classes and post-purchase counseling.