Boo on a Budget: Tips to Save Money this Halloween!

Posted By: Family Credit Management | Tuesday October 3, 2023

Hey there, spooky souls! Does the crisp autumn air make you think of witches' hats, ghoulish decor, and marathon movie nights featuring all things that go bump in the night? Us too! We're totally bewitched by Halloween!

When my husband and I were first married, we made our Halloween decorations out of construction paper. We had bats, and pumpkins and other scary fun taped all over our windows and walls. We had fun making the decorations, spent quality time together doing it, and saved money. Fast forward twenty years, now my adult children love Halloween as much as I did as a kid. 

Want to have all the Halloween thrills without the spooky bills? Here are our top magical (money-saving) tricks:

Be an Early Bird! - Post-Halloween sales are where it's at! Stock up on wickedly good deals on costumes and decor for the next year.

DIY! - Those plain leggings and tees in your wardrobe? They're just screaming (maybe even literally, it's Halloween after all!) to be transformed. Black leggings? You can be a kitty cat or witch! Orange tee? Pumpkin alert!

Recycle and Create - Many household items can be great for repurposing. Check out Pinterest for a million ways to use those cardboard boxes, paper towel rolls or milk cartons for adorable decorations. 

Treasure Hunts in Digital Times - If DIY isn't your jam, you can still get in on the holiday fun. Make sure to check multiple sites when shopping for costumes, decoration and other spooky delights. Many sites also have promo codes available, so check for those before checking out!

Swap 'til You Drop! - Costumes usually see the moonlight once. Why not swap with friends or neighbors?

Sweet Savings - Reality check: Not all candy gets eaten. Ever find yourself offloading extra sweets at work? Think party favors or dollar store trinkets for trick-or-treaters instead.

Story Night! - With health being top of mind, consider a low-light evening with chilling tales. You'll save money, and it's cozy! Plus, you can always start dreaming of turkey day with the money saved!

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