For nearly 20 years, we have helped countless consumers find the right answer to their financial problems. But so often, the real issue is deeper than one problem and many people lack basic money management skills. We offer these free financial education resources and tools to help.

Personal Finance Made Easy Course

Family Credit Management began teaching classes on basic yet vital money management principles which are included in this book. You can expect to learn about:

  • Establishing goals
  • Creating a spending plan
  • Ways to realistically save money
  • How to manage your bank accounts properly
  • How to begin investing
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100 Small Ways to Save BIG

Every day you make many decisions about how to spend your money. Whether you’re grocery shopping, driving to work, paying bills or just watching TV, there are small things you can do to spend less. This booklet has 100 ways to help you start saving money today!

When you save money on everyday expenses, you’ll be able to buy things that really matter to you. Look out for the tips with stars next to them- these can help you save really BIG. Think of all the better uses for that money!

Think carefully about each tip and decide if it’s something you can commit to doing. Download this booklet, use the check boxes to keep track of your goals and have more for the things you want.

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Personal Spending Plan

Everyone wants to save money, whether it’s for retirement, your child’s college education, or for fun reasons like taking vacations….but the question is how?

What you need to have is a household spending plan. The goal of successful financial management is having your money do for you what YOU want it to do.

Using this Personal Spending Plan, you will determine what your goals are, what you are currently spending and how you can make small adjustments to make your spending cater to your goals. You will be surprised by what small changes you can start making in your daily life to reach big results!

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Financial Calculators

We all need a little help figuring out things sometimes. All the numbers that go into your spending plan, figuring out how to save, totaling up your debt-it can be overwhelming! To make all of this a little easier, FCM has a wealth of financial calculators at your disposal. Just a few of our popular calculators include:

  • Rolldown Your Credit Card Debt
  • Should My Spouse Work?
  • Student Spending Calculator
  • Retirement Planner
  • Rent vs. Buy
  • Mortgage Savings Calculator

Check out the entire list for help with spending, savings ideas, retirement as well as auto and home planning.

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