This Valentine's Day, Cut the Cost But Not the Love

Posted By: Family Credit Management | Saturday February 12, 2022

Valentine's Day is a special time when there's someone special in your life. This is a day that should be all about each other: holding hands, sharing laughs, and creating moments that will last forever. It doesn't matter how much you spend on Valentine's Day as long as you and your partner have a special time together. In fact, some of the most romantic dates in the books avoid the pricey cliches for a uniquely personal experience that neither partner will ever forget.

This year, you don't have to overspend on jewelry or put yourselves at risk in a crowded restaurant to make the day special. Instead, plan Valentine's Day alone with your beloved on a budget that makes each moment more meaningful than what was spent to make it happen. Celebrate the holiday of love and togetherness safely and on a budget with these romantic ideas.

Plan to Spend Valentine's Day Together

Spend time, not money, on your special someone. The best thing you can do for any Valentine's Day is set aside time to be together. This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Monday, so you may want to plan for the Sunday before or the weekend afterward to make plenty of time for couch snuggling and walks hand-in-hand.

Wear Something Special for Each Other

One of the things that makes Valentine's date special is wearing something especially nice for your significant other. Whether it's wearing your best dress shirt or dress, adding extra jewelry, or taking extra time on your hair, the little things matter and doing something special with your clothing will make the day more special for you and your partner. A wonderful night will even permanently associate what you wear this Valentine's with your story of love.

Make the Day Memorable

Whatever you do, make the day memorable. Do something you normally don't. Be brave about speaking from the heart. Make a dish you've never tried or decorate your house in a new and interesting way - using items you already own. If nothing else, have a pillow-fight on the couch and end the evening watching movies in your blanket fort. Each couple has their own style for what makes a day worthwhile and memorable spent together.

Give Small, Yet Meaningful Valentine's Day Gifts

Gifts are Valentine's Day tradition, but you don't have to overspend on jewelry-store pieces. You don't need diamonds to show your love. In fact, Valentine's is the perfect holiday to share something personally meaningful and small - a necklace she'll wear or a keychain he'll see every day and think of you.

Teddy bears might not be your thing, but a plush crocodile might be the inside joke that makes you both smile for years. If you're drawing a blank, a single rose often says everything your partner needs to hear - if delivered with love and affection.

Plan an Evening With Special Meaning

What will you do for the day or evening you spend together? Skip the fancy restaurants and horse-drawn carriages. Instead, think of something adventurous and personal that you can do together - something with special meaning. Maybe it's a walk to the park where you had your first casual date. Or perhaps the best time you can have will be at the rock-climbing wall in the community center.

Staying in? Watch a movie that shares meaning for both of you. Or let your partner pick a movie they've been dying to show you to deepen your shared connection. Maybe surprise them with an old board game they've spoken fondly of from childhood, or even do a project around the house if DIY is what you do together most happily.

Walk Through the Park

Find somewhere beautiful and outdoors to explore. Most parks are free and even your local Botanical Gardens will have a minimal admission fee. Spend the day surrounded by the beauty of nature and the bliss of being alone together. With most people staying home or flocking to restaurants, you'll likely have almost the entire park to yourself.

Drive Into the Country

Take a drive. Enjoy the night lights of the city or, instead, drive out into the country where wide-open spaces give you beauty and solitude at the same time. Find a glorious scenic overlook that isn't crowded or go hiking in the local hills as part of your romantic adventure.

Discover a Local Museum

Did you know that local museums often have extremely low (to free) admission fees for local residents? If you want to take your lover on a special date without overspending, a local art, history, or science museum, and even the local aquarium, will have prices lower than the cost of a restaurant dinner.

Share a Candle-Lit Dinner at Home for Valentine's Day on a Budget

Last but never least is the simple romance of a candle-lit dinner at home. Whether you cook or order in, layout your table with a cloth and a setting for two with your best glassware and fine dishes. Dim the lights, put on some romantic music, and share an evening of conversation and good food. If you have candles, light one or two in the center of the table. 

The important part is showing your partner that they are worth the special effort of getting dressed up, setting out your best dishes, and making a romantic evening happen.

A Valentine's Day That Means More Than Dollars

Planning a beautiful Valentine's with your special someone is all about building a day that the two of you will adore together.  

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