Co-Founder and Director Emeritus

Curt Calloway

After years of working for another debt management company, Curt Galloway and Michael McAuliffe knew there was a better way to help consumers escape the burden of debt. On January 10, 1996 they co-founded Family Credit Management.

From the first day in 1996 until 2010, Curt served as the organization’s Treasurer and was responsible for the creation and management of the Accounting Department, including supervision of all client trust fund accounts and creation of all accounting procedures. In addition, he managed all company taxes and over saw state and federal regulatory requirements, including the use of outside auditors to certify all accounting practices are compliant with generally accepted accounting practices.

From 2010 until 2017, Curt served as Vice President. He regularly assisted, trained, and mentored our new Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer) with her new role. As Vice-President, he also assisted with general corporate planning and implementation of organizational strategies established by our Board of Directors and President. From his retirement in 2017 until 2022, Curt served as a member of the Board of Directors and for several years as the Chairman of the Board. During this period, he regularly met with our President and continued to assist the company and its management with his wisdom and experience.

Curt was instrumental in growing Family Credit Management from a small local community-based organization with 2 employees to one of the largest credit counseling agencies in the country, helping hundreds of thousands of people repay almost one billion dollars in debt. However, Curt’s value extended far beyond his business accomplishments. He understood the struggles our clients faced. He insisted every person be treated just like family or a close friend. His presence created a culture still present in the company to this day. Everyone at Family Credit Management will strive to meet the high expectations he set for us and remember the lessons he taught us.  

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