Have a Happy Halloween Without Ghosting Your Budget

Posted By: Kim Connaughton | Sunday October 3, 2021

We are a big Halloween family. We love the season, the weather, the decorations, the fun, and the scary movies.

When my husband and I were first married, we made our Halloween decorations out of construction paper. We had bats, and pumpkins and other scary fun taped all over our windows and walls. We had fun making the decorations, spent quality time together doing it, and saved money. Fast forward twenty years, now my adult children love Halloween as much as I did as a kid. How can you enjoy the fun of Halloween but not spend too much money doing it?

Plan ahead - There are many after Halloween sales after the Holiday is over. Look for decorations and next year’s costume options when the prices are low. Try to find basic items such as capes, hats, masks, and costumes when you can get them on sale.

The next money-saving tip is to make your own costume.

Solid colored leggings and tops can be used for the base of most costumes. Black leggings and a black long sleeve can be the start of a cat, a witch, a leopard, a dog, a ninja, etc. Orange leggings and an orange shirt can be a pumpkin, giraffe; you get the idea. Get creative, use clothing items you already have, and have fun.

Recycled cardboard, poster board, and foam board can be just about anything you can think of; just use caution as you are cutting out your masterpiece.

If you are not crafty and not a planner, you can shop for this year’s costume online in local garage sales and secondhand shops. Look for online garage sale groups in your area. Many people hold brand new costumes until September and October to sell online. When you make your purchase, be safe, and if you do meet with someone, it is best to do so with a friend or in your town’s Police Department parking lot just in case of trouble.

And because most costumes are only worn once for a few hours, you can share and exchange costumes year after year with friends and family; if you are looking for a popular costume, your next-door neighbor may have one.

If you plan ahead, you can save on candy and treats too.

Know that most of the candy will never be eaten. How many times is it brought to the office to share after the Holiday? Consider plastic party favors, cheap toys from the dollar store, or bulk online stores.

A final money-saving idea could be to turn your lights off, sit in the dark or by candlelight, and read scary stories together this year. With Covid-19 still at large, this is a great way to save money AND stay healthy. Put the money saved in the bank or to spend for the next Holiday. Thanksgiving is right around the corner.

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