Have a Romantic Valentine's Day Without Breaking Your Piggy Bank's Heart

Posted By: Family Credit Management | Friday February 10, 2023

While Valentine's Day can be the most romantic of holidays, it can also be one of the most expensive. But you don't have to break the bank to celebrate your love. While romance is great, you don't want to add to your credit card debt or increase your spending. But if you get creative, you can go about saving money while still having a fantastic day you and your partner are sure to remember.

With just a few ideas, you can not just save money, you can also take a creative approach to Valentine's Day that's more meaningful than dropping hundreds of dollars. You can lighten the load on your wallet and strengthen your relationship with some of these winning ideas.

Cook a couples dinner

Eating a well-cooked meal at a fancy restaurant is how many couples spend Valentine's Day. But why be like all those couples? Forget trying to get reservations at a packed restaurant or dropping a few hundred bucks on a meal with a fancy name that, if you're being honest, is just okay. Stay in and cook a couples dinner.

Find a recipe for something you both like - or better yet, find something new you know your partner will enjoy. Make sure it's not too complex to prepare. Unless both of you are expert chefs, you'll want to keep your attention on each other and not stressing over the meal itself.

Go shopping together for the ingredients the day before. Then on the night of Valentine's Day, you two can cook it together in the kitchen. There's no meal more enjoyable than the one you prepare together.

Have a night "in" at the movies

There's no better activity for Valentine's Day than watching a great film in a darkened room with your valentine pulled in close to you. But when you factor in the cost of two movie tickets, snacks, a babysitter, and parking, a night out at the movies can really add up quickly. So what's the alternative?

How about a night "in" at the movies?

Pop a bowl of popcorn. Dim the lights. Pick out the movie that defines you as a couple or that you both love - it can be one you own or one you find on Netflix together. Split a bottle of wine (or if you're still looking to recreate a movie atmosphere, maybe a big soda like you'd get at your local cinema).

You get all the romance of a movie date without the annoying crowds or money spent at the end of the evening. it's the best of both worlds.

Take a nature walk

Find a hiking trail or park in your area and take an opportunity for both of you to reconnect with nature. You can also pack a picnic lunch or dinner with some of your favorite light snacks. Taking a few minutes to get some fresh air outside with your sweetheart will help both of you clear your heads, focusing on nothing but each other without all the distractions of civilization.

Imagine cuddling up with your partner as you witness a glorious sunset. It's not only free, but it's also a memory that will last a lifetime.

Revisit the place you met

If you're able to get there without a lengthy (or costly) trip, consider revisiting the place you two first met. You can take a walk around the area, reminiscing about the emotions you felt the first time you saw each other. It can be a powerful reminder of your blossoming love as well as a great way to reinvigorate your relationship.

Buy a small, but meaningful, gift

There can be pressure to lavish your lover with all kinds of expensive jewelry and trinkets. And while that's nice for those who can afford it, it can really stretch your budget and send you further into debt. What can have more impact is a smaller gift that packs in more meaning.

Do you two have an inside joke? Do you a shared experience that you constantly talk about? Consider buying them something small as a reminder or one of your past experiences. You two can share a good laugh over it, and it will melt your partner's heart. It may not be the Hope Diamond, but it may just bring a tear to their eyes and a smile to their lips.

Buy flowers from a grocery store instead of a high-end florist

Buying flowers is typically one of the most crucial - and expensive - parts of a good Valentine's Day experience. And florists know this, which is why many of them charge exorbitant prices. Ordering online can add even more expensive fees and surcharges.

Many grocery stores - think places like Costco, Trader Joe's, or Whole Foods - offer great floral arrangements for a fraction of the price you'd spend going through a big-name retailer. Also, remember with delivery services that the flowers can often show up wilted or looking not at all like the picture.

Forget the card and give them a handwritten note

Greeting card companies like Hallmark can charge pretty high prices for their cards. And while some of them are nicely decorated or pretty to look at, there's a way you can save a little money while still hitting a sentimental note.

Consider writing your loved one a handwritten note expressing your love on Valentine's Day. By putting your feelings into words, and expressing it with your own handwriting, it will mean more than if you let a greeting card company do your talking - and writing - for you.

Handwritten letters show that you care. All you need is a pen, a blank sheet of paper, and your own words. It will leave a much greater effect than simply handing your loved one a card.

Go through old pictures and make your own scrapbook

Have some old pictures lying around? Why not put them together into your own personal love scrapbook? This can be a fun activity for you to do as a couple that will also give you something to look back on after the day is over. It will serve as a constant reminder of your love and it costs next to nothing to do.

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