Introduction to Credit Counseling

Posted By: Family Credit Management | Monday March 11, 2019

When you contact Family Credit Management for the first time, whether you have contacted us through our website or via phone, you will be paired with one of our certified credit counselors. Through credit counseling our knowledgeable, compassionate, certified credit counselors’ provide general financial advice, assistance with creating and maintaining a spending plan, credit report analysis, resources, and the Debt Management Plan to individuals and families in financial distress throughout the country.

One of the finest qualities our credit counselors’ have is empathy; a listening ear, support, reassurance that we’re here to assist you in the utmost manner, so don’t hesitate to open up to your counselor; it’s highly encouraged. They listen to people struggling with debt and finances every day and there isn’t much they haven’t heard. You’ll feel reassured that you made the right step by contacting us.

Your counselor may ask questions; this is to ensure that your counselor fully understands your financial hardship, determining your needs, and responding with quality advice that’s logical for your specific situation.

As your credit counselor determines the root cause of your financial position you will be inquired to go over your spending plan; this is one of the most valuable and educational services that FCMS offers. Reviewing your income and expenses helps your counselor get a better understanding of your fixed expenses, as well as certain spending habits, and we’re able to provide advice based on that.

During your consultation with your counselor you will determine the types of debts you’re currently struggling with, whether it be credit cards, collection accounts, medical bills or even payday loans.

Next, we will do a free credit report analysis. Review of your credit report will help your credit counselor determine the exact creditors that you’re dealing with and we will be able to provide you with potential solutions.

Depending on your financial situation your counselor may suggest a debt management plan (DMP) as a possible solution for you, which can help you get out of debt faster, typically by lowering your interest rates, minimum payments, bringing past due accounts current, stopping any late and over-the-limit fees, and creating one convenient affordable monthly payment.

If this is the case for you, your credit counselor will thoroughly explain the details of the program, as well as provide you with a quote. If the DMP is beneficial for you, and you’re interested in moving forward, your credit counselor would assist you with the enrollment process.

Lastly, your credit counselor will provide you with educational materials, as well as a customized Action Plan based on your financial situation.

As credit counselors we want your counseling session to be knowledgeable, professional, and beyond your expectations; it’s our goal to help you achieve financial success and become debt free!

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