Working with FCM was one of the best choices of my life. They immediately reigned in my out of control interest rates and had me on a payment plan soon thereafter. I was able to keep track of my account online and the chat option was extremely quick and easy when I need to speak with someone regarding my account. Before I knew it, my accounts were paid off and things couldn't be better! Thank you FCM for helping me gain control of my finances sooner rather than later!!!

David of Lake Park, FL

I sobbed through my first call to Family Credit. I was in over my head and just kept crying to the point that my husband had to speak for me. FC said, "It will be ok. We're here to help." Family Credit was there every step of the way! Thanks!

Molly of Mineral Point, WI

I had to find a way to get out of credit card debt. Dealing with it by myself was like trying to save a sinking ship. A friend recommended this local organization that helped her. I signed up and received my starter's package. My debt was consolidated and now it's paid off!

Carrie of Loves Park, IL

I was extremely grateful to have found Family Credit Management. I was running out of options and was not sure how to handle the situation I had got myself in to. With the help of Family Credit Management I was able to efficiently manage my debt and ultimately pay it off. I would recommend this site to assist in your debt management. Thank you for your assistance FCM!

Habib of Cerritos, CA

My wife and I were under a mountain of credit card debt and we did not know what to do. The advice and payment consolidation assistance we received from FCM has been invaluable. They gave us our life back. We cannot thank them enough. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it's not a train! With the help of FCM payment plans we were able to payoff over $100K in credit card debt. God bless FCM.

Doug of Novi, MI

This company is the greatest. At first it was really tough on us but we were not in the best of shape when we called them for help. We are less than a year away from being debt free. We could not done this on our own. They are very helpful and they took very good care of us and we are very grateful for all they did for us.

David of Saint Paul, MN

The help I have received from family credit management services has been beyond my wildest dreams. I appreciate so much how their personal service has helped me in consolidating my bills -- I will forever be in their debt. Thank so much.

Judi of Young Harris, GA

Made one of the best choices of my personal life by enrolling into this program. My credit card spending was out of control and was in high debt. Luckily FCM was there to help me and then some!

David of San Jose, CA

These wonderful people take the shame and embarrassment out of asking for help. I felt hope for the first time in months.

Sonya of Auburn, CA

We are now less than a year away from eliminating our credit card debt, thanks to Family Credit. I can't believe how easy it was to set up an account with them, and that it was at an extremely reasonable monthly fee... way less than we would have been paying all these years on credit card fees had we not turned to them for help. And of course we will have our debts paid off so much faster. They negotiated with our credit card companies to get us a low (1.9%) or 0% finance charge rate and set up a payment plan that will allow us to be free of those debts at the end of the five year period.

When we receive the credit card statements in the mail, it's so nice to see the balances going down significantly each month, without all the extra fees being tacked on, so you actually feel like you are getting closer to being debt-free. It's also nice knowing that the progress is happening automatically without any further action from us. Family Credit deducts the agreed upon monthly payment plan amount from our checking and takes care of sending it to where it is owed. I am so grateful we found out about this incredible service!

Denise of Marengo, IL

I really appreciate the help that I received from you. My credit score has gone up quite a bit and now I am relieved from the burden of credit card debt. I would recommend you to anyone and to a few friends I already have. What is so great about you is that you helped me maintain a good financial reputation. I don't plan on borrowing any money ANY time soon but now my credit score is so good that any lender would lend to me and offer me the best interest rates. I feel so responsible and free now. I will really feel it the next time I get paid and don't owe any money to creditors.

Right now I only owe money to my student loan but that will be paid for within a couple of months! Thank you so much for all your help. You provide a much needed service to our debt-ridden society. Every time I called to talk with a rep, you were very helpful. Thanks again. I really can't say enough about you. I will definitely continue to recommend you to anyone I know who is in debt that they can't control. I'm free!

Melissa of Glen Burnie, MD

I am so happy that I finally decided to take control of my debt. Sarah has been amazing and very prompt. I would not be able to do this without Family Credit management!

Kelli of Fox River Grove, IL

I was overwhelmed with my debt and because of you, I was able to work through it and pay it off and still keep a good credit score and not be hounded by creditors. My creditors were obviously willing to work it out through you and made my life so much less stressful. Thank you for being there!

Debi of Baysfield, WI

I was swimming in debt because of my health condition and I had to retire from my work. Family Credit helped me negotiate a lower rate and I stuck with the program and paid off three of my biggest creditors. The customer service is excellent! Whenever I emailed with questions, they responded promptly with the answer and solution to my question. Thank you so much, Family Credit. There were no gimmicks or hidden fees. I would recommend your services to anyone having financial problems. Again, thank you!

Sally or Las Cruces, NM

FCM has been a wonderful experience. I am very close to having everything paid in full and it is such a great feeling. I am securing my financial future by taking part in this program. Highly recommended.

Kari of Chesapeake, OH

I am very pleased with the service Family Credit provided. They did all the hard work paying the monthly bills and finally I'm debt free. I could not have done it without their help. I strongly recommend for anyone who is serious about taking control of their finances.

Jill of Beecher, IL

I would recommend Family Credit Management Services to anyone that wants to become debt free. They have helped me to become debt free in only 4.5 short years. It is amazing to see the amount owed drop each month until, one by one, all the debts are paid. It is always easy to reach a real person, not a computer which is a refreshing change and everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable.

Johnna of Rochelle, GA

I began an account with Family Credit Management over 4 and half years ago. They were courteous, professional and very responsive during my entire experience. I would recommend them to anyone. They were great people.

Tracy of Falls Church, VA

I am a disabled veteran currently going through social security disability as well as military compensation. It was simple, fast and within one day, all the documents were signed online; no printing, no faxing, no long annoying phone calls. I was also able to pick my due dates.

Jenna of Pembroke, KY

Jennie is awesome! Not only is she very knowledgeable regarding the laws and Family Credit rules and regulations, she is pleasant, timely in her responses and very respectful. She is the best and nothing but an asset to your organization.

Bev of Silver Springs, FL

I'm new to this program and I have to say the person I've been talking to these last few days getting everything together has been wonderful. Answer all my questions and completely helpful. So thank you!

Sila of Cortland, NY

I was so worried about taking the "step". Then I spoke with Alex... she was very knowledgeable and patient and kind. I felt at ease as she helped me with documents and signatures. Thanks to your company and I hope all of your clients receive the same help and attitudes I continue to receive. Thank you.

Toni of Covington, GA

I felt very comfortable and not pressured when starting talking to Cassandra this morning, while shopping around. She is very nice, polite and explained everything clearly and concise. Also afterwards, when filling out the forms I had to call her several times to ask questions and, same thing patient, clear and helpful. It is hard these days when one does not know much about who to talk and mainly who to trust! So I hope that by choosing you, I can keep going on. Thank you again!

Consuelo of Carrollton, TX

The process to setup a new account and agreement went by really smoothly and Cassandra was extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend the service and her as a representative.

Nakayla of Columbia, SC

I just found this on the web and was excited to learn how to free my debt. I have just started and so far everything seems to be going well. I would recommend this to others because you guys are fast and efficient. I like the one on one assistants and how smooth everything seems to be going. Thank you all for helping me and others like me to reduce our debt.

Audrey of Waianeae, HI

I was really put to ease by Cassandra, when I called her back and discussed the mess that my finances has become. I am totally responsible for this mess and I will be responsible until it is cleared up. I would like to thank Ms. Cassandra for not making me feel stupid for spending money to look for my missing child, I guess we all do anything to protect our children or loved ones. I pray that no one will ever have to experience what I have since my daughter went missing. I hope you know how nice it was to have someone just say they we're sorry for the situation that I was in. Thanks again.

Shelley of Baldwin City, KS

After feeling over my head, I reached out to Family Credit Management as a last resort and am sorry I didn't do it sooner! Sarah was more than helpful and sensitive to my situation. Very pleased by my experience. Thanks Family Credit!

Ashley of Rochester, NY

When I first decided to contact this company I really did not know what to expect. It was a very fast and easy way to put everything together. I was just amazed.

Deborah of Broad Brook, CT

I picked this company because the name was more family friendly versus the business and law firm names. With this company I am more than just an account. I am an actual human being. Family Credit Management is very flexible and goes above to help.

India of Joliet, IL

I previously tried working out payment arrangements with my creditors on my own which got me nowhere. They demanded payment instantly and wanted more money each time I tried to negotiate payments. They were unwilling to accept a low monthly payment without stopping the interest which would basically keep me paying forever. It was a nightmare! Thanks to Family Credit Management, I no longer have to deal with that nightmare and I've paid off one of my creditor accounts thus far. Finally, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Big thanks to FCM!

Derek of Rockford, IL

The service was friendly and very informative. I will recommend to others.

Sarah or Clinton, WI

Family Credit was a God-send! Very helpful in every way possible. They were extremely caring and listened to our situation. Always available by phone or email and their responses were handle very quickly.

Sheree of Harrisonburg, VA

Jennie is the best. She was polite, very knowledgeable and respectful. With her guidance, we are on our way to "freedom" and retirement. Jennie is an asset to FCM second to none. With her on your team, success is just around the corner. Thankful we were led to her by our Lord.

Sandra of Silver Springs, FL

This has been a big relief. Late fees and past dues eventually go away. No more shuffling bills. One fee and FC does the rest. Balances are going down and surprising how you can manage without credit.

Ron of Sheboygan, WI

I can seriously say that without the help of Family Credit I don't think I would have been able to pay so much of my debt off already. I should only have maybe one more year and then I will have all my credit cards paid off. I will be sad to go but thankful that Family Credit helped me pay off my debt and be able to live a little more comfortable. Thank you!!!!!

Alison of Morrisdale, PA

Coming to FCM was difficult because the debt was in my name, but it was the outcome of economic coercion from a past relationship. Though some of it was my own, I felt so discouraged with paying on debt. FCM gave me hope, and worked with all my creditors to assure me to get out of debt the fastest way possible. After paying off a huge portion of debt while going through Financial Peace University, FCM employees always congratulated me on working so hard to become debt-free. Thank you so much for your help. I feel confident now that I can be debt-free this year :)

Jennifer of Spokane, WA

I want to thank you for helping our family during our tough times. The customer service was awesome. Whenever I called I was helped quickly and friendly.

Shelia of Orting, WA

I am very thankful that I signed on with Family Credit when I did. They have been helpful and accessible when I have had questions and I have been able to pay off more than $12,000 in debt and am very close to having all of my debt paid off. The monthly payments have been manageable and when I needed to change the amount of my monthly payment, they worked out a plan.

Kathy of Fremont, OH

I started with this company as I was losing my house and was 109,000 in consumer debt. About four years later, I have about 16000 in consumer debt and will be debt-free before the end of the year. These people have been instrumental in getting my financial situation under control and I could not have done it without them. They are always so encouraging and helpful whenever I talk to them. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has any financial problem.

Steven of Camano Island, WA

I have been a happy client of Family Credit for almost 3 years now and they have been very helpful. It was a blessing that we found them to help us save our credit and stay in good standing with creditors.

Melissa of Evansville, IN

I've used Family Credit Services since October 2012 and will be out of Credit Card debt in 2016. Family Credit is a very professional organization and always responds immediately to questions or request. Before signing with them I did check them out with the BBB to see if there were complaints filed against them, they are an accredited business. I highly recommend this service; I have zero complaints with their service. All of my credit card accounts are closed, but I still can access all of my accounts online and I am amazed at how quickly my account balances are falling compared to how slowly my balances were declining before Family Credit. I'm looking forward to being out of debt and because I'm making my payments on time, my credit score is going up regularly.

Augusta of Lansing, MI

When I finally admitted I couldn't make ends meet, I checked out several options. The sincere, personal response along with no judgement, moved FCM up the list quickly. The payment proposal kept me accountable, the on-line tools to help me with budget planning, periodic emails to encourage me. High five to Christine! She has been quick to respond to my emails with a personable, friendly response. It is evident the goal for FCM is to help me get out of debt. It has been over 2 years and my only regret is I wish I would have contacted FCM sooner! You have helped me with a situation that truly left me feeling helpless. Anyone I meet that is facing financial difficulties, I share my story and recommend they check out your website. Thank you and high five to Christine **! She is awesome to work with!

Jane of Cold Spring, MN

Family Credit Management was a wonderful experience. They were able to help us manage our finances at a very difficult time.

Susan of Saukville, WI

I have only had positive experiences. I have enjoyed working with the representatives. Thank you for all you do. Especially when you have had to move my deposit/withdrawal dates after my pay dates were moved due to a new company taking over. Very appreciative.

Amy of Chandler, AZ

When I called Family Credit I was in a desperate situation because of all the money I owed on credit cards. They worked with me and a plan was arranged. It took me 4 1/2 years to pay off this debt. They have been easy to work with and they explained everything to me. I felt they knew what they were doing and it gave me peace. Thank you for all your help.

Carol of Brentwood, TN

I highly recommend Family Credit. They are helping me to get out of a situation that I got myself into. They are so helpful and respectful. When I called them the first time they treated me with respect and didn't talk down to me. All I can say is Thank You!

Susan of Barboursville, WV

I am really happy with Family Credit Management. They are still and have helped me get on track with my budget and getting my outstanding debts paid much quicker than if I were handling them myself. I have recommended a friend to Family Credit and they are handling her debts also. No complaints.

Denise of Philadelphia, PA

I would recommended anytime. They have really been nice to me and talk to them really helpful. They have my recommendation any day - give them 100 percent.

Lisa of Sneedville, TN

Family Credit Management has done a good job helping us get our credit challenges back on track! Thanks!

Dawna of South Beach, OR

After getting divorced and moving myself and son across the country I was in very deep debt and couldn't even pay the minimum on my credit cards. I am 5 months away from being credit card debt free. Just wish I had called sooner.

Pamela of Rockford, IL

I felt very comfortable speaking with Sarah, she understood my being apprehensive in moving forward for fear of being taken advantage of. She encouraged me to check out FMCS thoroughly. I feel I am on my way to a better financial state.

Mary of Houston, TX

FCM has helped me more than once. They are extremely easy to communicate with and are very flexible with changes to my account. Any time I need to add or remove a creditor, they handle it immediately and always follow up with a phone call. If I send an email on the weekend I even get a response then. They've also been honest about the different ways settlement versus full amount paid works and leave it to me to make that decision. If someone new is handling my account or covering for my regular handler, I always get a nice introductory email.

Dindi of Denver, CO

My husband and I have been with Family Credit Management for nearly a year. They have taken such a weight off, with helping out to pay back our creditors. Because of FCM we will be debt free in just over a year!

Heather of Brooklyn Park, MN

Family Credit Management is the real deal! We found them through a dear friend that highly recommended their services. We've just completed our first year. Our payments (for 8 credit cards) have been cut significantly & so have the interest rates. No more late fees & penalties! The staff at FCM have been so helpful & compassionate. I highly recommend this group if your upside down in debt & have lost hope. They have been a true blessing for me & my family.

Alfred of Lancaster, SC

Family Credit was extremely helpful to me during a difficult time. They made the process very easy to understand. They negotiated my interest rates to either zero or 1%. They were friendly and communicated well. Very appreciative.

Jeff of Rockford, IL

I have nothing but good things to say about Family Credit Management. Any time I have had a question, concern or general comments, someone is always available to help me and ensure I am getting the best help possible! Whether it be a change in my payment schedule, a change to my payment amount, or questions about my debts, they are always there for me!

Deana of Reading, OH

Our experience with FCMS has been nothing short of fantastic. Honest, low monthly fee, simple to get onboard with them. They contacted all of our creditors and worked out a low or no interest payment plan. We are happy clients!

Sharon of Wellington, FL

I'm so happy I decided to enroll in this program. Although it's been difficult to give up my credit cards, it was the best decision as I'm now on the road to being debt free! Family Credit Management has been helpful and supportive through this whole life changing process. I couldn't be more grateful!

Veronica of Chicago, IL

Working with customer service was a smooth and pleasant experience from our first contact to our last. Always helpful and kind with our communications. I had heard some horror stories of other financial companies and had reservations but found our experience with family credit to be a completely stress free. I would recommend this company to all who want to work at being debit free. Thank you all who helped.

Joanne of Buffalo, NY

I have already recommended your services to friends and family members. I was and still am impressed with the quality and customer service skills possessed by your representatives. There was rushing me to make a decision. Reps were patient and extremely knowledgeable. Able to answer questions or direct me to the proper personnel. I am very pleased with this program. Thank you for helping me out of a jam.

Sheree of Forest Park, IL

Very helpful when I started with Family Credit. Very quick responses when in need of help! I truly would recommend this service to others!! It is truly amazing when you do not need to deal with creditors. I can actually now feel debt-free!!

Justine of Youngstown, OH

This agency was recommended through my EAP and they were able to help me get through a very difficult financial period in my life. I didn't think places like this existed, where they were looking out for you, but Family Credit Management, over almost 5 years, proved they are on my side! Their customer service has been excellent.

Richard of Bourbonnais, IL

So far the best decision I have ever made. Worry-free. And love the direct payment system. I will recommend to my family and friends. 

Oddette of Bronx, NY

Our family has had to do substantial work to try to things and stay out of bankruptcy, which was the direction we were headed in. Family Credit Management helped us get things rolling in the right direction and treated us with respect and understanding during a very challenging time. Thanks again!

Matt of Round Rock, TX