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Posted By: Family Credit Management | Friday October 18, 2019

Halloween is coming up and you know what scares me? How much it now costs. According to The Baltimore Sun, Americans spend almost seven billion dollars on Halloween every year. That's a lot of money. So how can we save a little during this holiday?

First this may sound a little old fashioned but try making your own costume. If you're crafty it can be quite easy. If not look through your closet. Maybe you can put your child in a baseball jersey. Put a glove in their hand give him a ball and there you go- Instant costume. If you don't like that,check out secondhand shops and find one. Or if you have multiple children shop to hand down to the next child. Just make sure that the costume is something any child would like and get another season or two out of it. You can also look for one that is not size specific like a cat or a witch. That can be used every other year or so.

Decorations are another major cost. Why pay full price when the day after the holiday?

They're just going to go to 50% to 90% off just hold off and show off your new decorations next year. Actually, you can do this with costumes too.

Now onto Candy: don't feel pressured to buy the most expensive Candy- use coupons and watch for sales. This may seem elementary but how often do we give in to the impulse and pay full price. Plan plan plan. On a more personal note, Don't buy candy that you like. I've learned this lesson the hard way… if I buy Kit Kats or Reese's ahead of Halloween… I'll just have to buy more later. And then I have extra calories to work off. And while we're thinking along the lines of health considered Candy alternatives like mini bulk cans of Play-doh or plan ahead and during the back to school sales stack up on pencils pencils toppers stickers crayons etc. These can be cheaper than candy More healthy and even more fun. I know Halloween does not break the bank for most families but remember it all adds up- Quickly.

Even if you make changes to everyday spending habits, like on Holidays, there can be some financial situations too difficult to overcome on your own. If you’re struggling with debt from credit cards, payday loans, medical bills or collections, we can help. Our certified credit counselors have experience working with every situation imaginable, including yours! Request a free debt consolidation quote here or call us at 800-994-3328.

Happy Halloween!

Piggy Bank Wearing a Witch Hat for Halloween

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