Management Team

  • Michael McAuliffe, MS

    Michael McAuliffe, MS

    President, 1996-Present

    As President of Family Credit Management since 1996, Michael is responsible for all aspects of company operations. Michael has successfully managed the company by making existing clients his primary focus and responsibility. Michael not only works closely with the company’s managers and supervisors but personally reviews client cases to ensure that decisions are always being made with our client’s best interest at heart. He is also responsible for supervision of our Counseling, Auditing, Legal Compliance, Development, Facility Management, and much more.

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  • Curt Galloway

    Curt Galloway

    Vice President, 1996-Present

    Curt Galloway co-founded Family Credit Management along with Michael McAuliffe nearly 20 years ago. From 1996 to 2010, Curt served as the organization’s Treasurer. Curt was responsible for the management of the accounting department, including supervision of all client trust fund accounts. In addition, he managed all company accounts, taxes, and certain state and federal regulatory requirements that included the use of outside auditors to certify all accounting practices are compliant with generally accepted accounting practices.

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  • Elizabeth Schomburg, MS

    Elizabeth Schomburg, MS

    Chief Financial Officer, 2001-Present

    Elizabeth has been with Family Credit Management for over a decade and has served as a Credit Counselor, Operations Manager, Director of Corporate Development, and her current position as Chief Financial Officer. Elizabeth was instrumental in overseeing Family Credit's acquisition and renovation of our company owned Corporate Offices in downtown Chicago as well as our company owned Operations Center in Rockford, Illinois.

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  • Sarabeth O'Neil, MS

    Sarabeth O'Neil, MS

    Chief Marketing Officer, 2004-present

    Sarabeth joined Family Credit Management in 2004. In her current role as Chief Marketing Officer, Sarabeth works to expand the reach of the organization and increase the number of consumers we are able to serve. She is responsible for setting and achieving strategic goals, development and maintenance of the organization’s online presence as well as increasing FCM’s brand awareness.

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  • Kim Connaughton, MS

    Kim Connaughton, MS

    Director of Operations, 2000-Present

    As Director of Operations, Kim works closely with Family Credit Management’s Counseling and Client Services department managers to improve the financial lives of our clients. Her tireless compassion encourages her to take the time to fully understand the situations our clients are struggling with. Kim's mission is to ensure a successful completion of the debt management program for all of our clients and to help the consumers we serve build the skills to have a healthful financial future long after their debt is paid off.

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  • Traci Walsh

    Traci Walsh

    Accounting Operations Manager, 2002-Present

    As our Accounting Operations Manager, Traci is responsible for overseeing daily accounting operations including reconciliation of all client trust fund accounts, electronic banking, accounts payable and receivables, as well as working with our CFO to ensure the organization is compliant with all federal banking regulations. Prior to joining Family Credit Management in 2002, Traci spent several years in management with United Parcel Service.

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  • Jeffrey Telling

    Jeffrey Telling

    Client Care Manager, 2004-Present

    Jeffrey has worked in consumer finance for over 30 years. The past twenty have been spent as a credit counselor helping families and individuals in financial distress. He joined Family Credit in 2003 as a certified credit, housing and reverse mortgage counselor. In that time, he has taught hundreds of seminars, workshops, and classes for thousands of consumers across the United States. Jeffrey is passionate about consumers receiving the resources they need to make sound, intelligent decisions about their finances both now and in the future.

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